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Millions of Americans Lost their Homes and Businesses (and their retirements and financial security) to Foreclosure in the Last 10 Years.  
Was this a Housing 'Bubble', a Family Income Collapse or a Preference by Incumbents in Congress and our White House?  

(Note: this all happened as American taxpayers were told they HAD TO BAIL OUT WALL Street and Big American Corporations...or else!)

So the latest news (see links* listed below) in January 2017 and prior to is that more people lost their homes in the most recent Depression in American than in "The Great Depression."

This is no news to most Americans and helps explain why we threw people we did not like out of office last November - career politicians whose loyalties are and were with Wall Street gamblers, big banks and CEOs making millions even as taxpayers were told they - not US - HAD to be bailed out by all of us.

Question you should ask and demand answers to are:  
   -So what will our new President and new Congress DO about this still lingering financial disaster for millions of American homeowners and small businesses?  
   -Write and call your Congressman, President Trump and demand answers. Where was OUR bail out? 
   -Where was help for 'the little guy'? 
   -And why do we allow and pay for members of Congress to continue to have higher incomes and better health and retirement plans than most Americans?


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Jan 26, 2016 - Yet nearly seven years since the Great Recession ended, the ... to assist families facing foreclosure by modifying their mortgage terms so they can remain in their homes. ... The number of homeowners who are "underwater," with a house ... All told, more than 10 million Americans live in one of 395 so-called ...

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Aug 24, 2014 - Sales of foreclosed properties are at their lowest ... ... from the beginnings of the foreclosure crisis, with over five million homes lost. ... At the peak, 2.9 million homes suffered foreclosure filings in 2010; last year, the number was 1.4 million. ... So many of these borrowers will be unable to afford increased ...

The 2008 Housing Crisis Displaced More Americans than the 1930s ...
Last Name: Email Address: View all subscription options. The 2008 Housing Crisis Displaced More Americans than the 1930s Dust Bowl. May 11, 2015. As many as 10 million families lost their homes to foreclosure during the housing crisis.

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Apr 8, 2010 - More than 1.2 million households have been lost to the recession, ... Since Richard Brown lost his job to the recession and his Boston home to foreclosure a year ago, he's ... taken an even bigger toll on the number of American households. ... That doubling-up is happening as families who lose their homes ...

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May 31, 2016 - During the Great Recession, many Americans lost their homes due to foreclosure. In fact, according to real estate data company RealtyTrac, ...
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

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  The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” - Justice Louis Brandeis
Stardate ?, Summer, 2014

This July 4th, tell your member of Congress: "Free Trade" is NOT Free.

Missing from the 'Free Trade' debates:
  • - where the replacements are for the 6,000 lost factory jobs and over $150 millions in annual payrolls from the now-closed Torrington Company (Ingersoll Rand) in Torrington, CT, plus the lost tax revenues to state, local and federal governments (including to Medicare and Social Security) as a result.
  • -ditto re replacements for lost jobs at Vise-Grip factory in DeWitt, Nebraska, together with the disgusting general decrease in lost quality of many tools and other goods members of Congress continue to insist all Americans buy under continuing WTO and NAFTA and other trade treaties.
  • -PLUS millions of other jobs, factories, entire industries and trillions of lost wages, benefits, homes and tax revenues all across America as a result of continued refusal by members of Congress to repeal WTO and NAFTA and other trade treaties - along with, of course, more hoopla over the need to fast-track ill-conceived more such treaties.
  • -WHY Communist China and most of our other Asian trading partners buy virtually NOTHING from the USA, increasing ongoing structural unemployment and poverty in America.
  • -WHAT and why, exactly, China is using their trillions in decades of increased hard currency from the US for? Modernizing their military? Buying up and monopolizing scarce and important resources-and adding some acreage and claims to control the planet as a result:
Recent news: China has grown by 2000 acres in 18 months...
"As the Chinese military races to build outposts on reclaimed land, nearby countries are alarmed by the territorial expansion.".
The chart below shows HUGE and ever-increasing levels of imports to the US from Communist China following passage of WTO by Congress decades ago:
-nearly $180 billions in recent years!

NOW take a look at the piddly amount of US exports to China under the False Trade of WTO: only $13 billion in 2013, less in 2014:

                                    $180 billion per year in recent years exported to China in Americans' Hard Currency to import "goods" from Communist China
                                     -$12 billion exported to China per year
                                    = an Annual estimated trade DEFICIT with China of   $168 billions per year in recent years. That's a lot of US jobs and industries.
*** And we have not yet counted the trade deficits with Japan, South Korea and our other False Trade "partners" who
buy little or nothing from us and who invest little of the trillion$ we've exported back here in the good ol' USA. ***
Given this record, members of Congress and various Presidents have ignored their duty to protect America and Americans from unfair and harmful trade treaties which may well be unconstitutional and which treaties have clearly placed US-basedindustries, firms and factories and workers in a negative economic position.  Not to mention increasing our national and state debt, crippling Medicare and Social Security, undermined and destroyed our once proud economy and tax base. Unless immediate remedial action to repeal WTO and NAFTA is taken - instead of "fast-tracking" more such nonsensical treaties, the adverse and growing harm to Americans and their prosperity and freedom will continue and grow.  Even Asian government and business leaders must realize that slower exports to the US mean slower economic growth at in Asia, begging the question of WHY they have invested little of the hard cash we send them back into America to keep their best customers working for decent pay and benefit (and buying their stuff!) Lacking the robust incomes Americans once had means an end to economic growth for all nations who think they can play "free trade" to ONLY their advantage. In the meantime, Americans and the foolish people they continue to elect can say goodbye to the decent health care, education and national defense a strong economy once supported. Why else would we be looking at a national debt - including Social Security and Medicare - of over $80 trillions, and another $1 trillion in student loan and personal and family debt? The recent long and ongoing US recession was not a "housing bubble" but an INCOME COLLAPSE.

The latest answer in Washington? President Obama wants more false trade instead of asking Professor Alan Binder, of Princeton to have  beer with him so he can learn how many more US-based jobs are ending up exported to offshore locales.  How many US jobs might be offshoreable?

A Letter to Congressman Hines (D-CT) asking about trade agreements and quid pro quos, the UNaffordable Care Act, submitting proposed legislation reportedly
written in part by at least some of your (banking) campaign contributors....and decent jobs for all Americans...

attn: Patrick Malone, Communications Director for Congressman Hines

Hi Patrick,
I called the Office of Congressman Hines today and was advised to send this along to you for a reply from the Congressman. Since I created something called Public Interest News Network ( ) in order to report on anything relating to the public interest, I write to ask a few questions of Congressman Hines which I'd like to share with my vast readership base:
  1. Rumor is there was a quid pro quo re the (current?) overseas trip on trade - supposedly a plane ride for support of fast-tracking the most recent proposed trade agreement. While I find this hard to believe, I gotta ask: was there ANY quid pro quo and if so, what? If not, what is the purpose of anyone going in the first place?
  2. Re so-called free trade, why is it China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and other nations import virtually nothing from the USA? (If you cannot create your own charts of this data on FRED, let me know and I'll send a few to Cong Hines...)
  3. Why haven't WTO and NAFTA worked well for American workers and families overall?
  4. More importantly, what is Cong. Hines record on creating good jobs with employer-paid benefits for Americans here in the USA? What have been his goals for jobs for Americans and what legislation has he submitted/supported to achieve better jobs for Americans given all the empty factories we've had here for years?
  5. Does Cong Hines still think the ACA is working? If so, why are people like me and my spouse struggling to pay all those copays, deductibles, co-insurances and premiums for health care which is pegged to be no longer the best on the planet?   And WHEN will America's patients and consumer have a 'place at the table' to help negotiate all those prices we all pay either through our health insurance of out of pocket? It seems to many of us that members of Congress and of our CT General Assembly and Governor Malloy and President Obama - all elected officials for that matter - are completely oblivious to the fact that prices of medical services prices continue to climb much faster than most Americans can pay for them, especially given the ongoing recession, stagnant personal incomes and lack of any consumer bargaining power in these matters - not to mention the fait accompli approved or tacitly agreed to by Congress of continued monopolization of hospital, doctor, DME and other medical services and products.
  6. I might add that the obfuscation of health plan brand names being sold to Americans by the private sector and approved by Congress - a la 'Platinum', 'Gold", 'Silver' - etc. is fooling no one. We all know that 'good care' is only available if one can afford it.
  7. I read where Cong Hines worked for Goldman Sachs and submitted legislation including verbatim language written by a Wall Street banking firm. Also saw something about exempting some firms from the Dodd-Franks legislation? I would be remiss if I did not ask if he sometimes represents special (banking) interests at the expense of better protections for consumers and the public interest...? Or alternately, expecting the obvious reply, how does he see his support for bank interests before Congress tying in with and supporting those of consumers and the public interest?
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